The Perks of Heavyweight Business Cards

In today’s business environment, few things are more common than business cards. These incredibly handy identifiers remain among the most-convenient and highly popular low-tech forms of marketing, despite the many digital and virtual alternatives. So chances are, if you’re setting out to create new business cards, you’re probably considering the various ways to make yours stand out from the pack.

While many have opted for custom shapes, a custom-shaped business card comes with its own caveats. For one, a custom shape doesn’t lend itself to just any application. For example, you may not take an attorney’s business card seriously if it is shaped like an anvil. For another thing, depending on the shape of the card, a custom cut may not fit inside someone’s wallet, and subsequently find itself in the trash.

So for a more formal approach to standing out in the crowd, thick or heavyweight business cards can provide a viable alternative. The thicker stock lends weight and strength to your card, allowing it to stand out on its owns merits. The thicker sides of the heavyweight card also provide an extra opportunity for low-key customization, giving you even more opportunity to stand out.

So for your next card, lay it on thick, and create a design that you will proud to hand off, regardless of how picky the recipient is.




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