The internet is aflutter with talk about the iOS 7 update for Apple products. The new operating system comes standard for Apple’s newer products, but an update can be now be downloaded for some older generations of iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

Essentially, no major functional changes will occur with the update,  just minor additions. These include AirDrop (a function for those who use iCloud), some camera filters and a square format option, a new control center and notification center, new typography and a few visual changes. If you choose not to download it, you will still be able to operate your device the same way you always have. The fastest way to do it is to connect your device to your computer and download the update from iTunes.

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The following devices are eligible for the update, with a few exceptions:

• iPhone 4: Eligible, but does not include AirDrop, Siri or camera filters (you can add filters later in the Photos app).

• iPhone 4S: No AirDrop.

• iPhone 5: Includes all new iOS 7 features.

• iPod Touch 5th-generation: Includes all new iOS 7 features.

• iPad 2: No AirDrop, Siri, camera filters or square format, or Photos app filters.

• iPad 3rd generation: No AirDrop or camera filters.

• iPad 4th generation: Includes all new iOS 7 features.

• iPad Mini: Includes all new iOS 7 features.

However, the question now is,  should you update? Well, CNN says maybe not. If you have anything older than the last generation of your device, getting the new operating system might slow down your performance because it was meant to handle the system that it already has. Also, they recommend waiting a little while until Apple releases the first updated version of iOS 7. This should allow time for Apple to take care of any initial bugs that they might need to correct. See the full report here.

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If you already have downloaded iOS 7, tell us how it’s going.

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