xlargeMany articles have been written about how the impact of 3D printing will eventually change our lives. In all examples of this phenomenon none are as prominent as the groundbreaking developments in it’s use in prosthetics. Eric Moger, 60, a man who had the life changing misfortune of being afflicted with a tennis ball sized tumor which would in turn cause need for a life saving procedure to lay waste to half of his face, has now reclaimed some semblance of his life prior to the tragic occurrence. The 3D printed prosthesis has transformed his life in ways the fortunate masses would not even begin to fathom. Before he was outfitted with this boon, Mr. Moger was forced to eat and drink through a tube that entered through a gaping hole where his cheek bone used to be and then travelled down directly to his stomach. He recently was able to drink a glass of water and taste food for the first time since the horrific ordeal all thanks to the work that has gone into this technology. As tremendous as this new chapter in the stream of technological advance is, it is but a mere stepping stone onto which the future of 3D printing can and presumably will build it’s obelisk of global importance. Read more about this promising development in custom fit 3D printed prosthetics here.

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