For over twenty years, street artist Julian Beever has dazzled on-lookers across the world with his magical chalk art.

What makes his chalk art so special, you ask? Beever’s illustrations are 3D optical illusions.

The trick is that they only work if you stand in exactly the right spot. Otherwise, the illusion is lost and the drawings appear distorted, shapeless and unfinished.


Beever uses a technique called anamorphosis, where the artist creates a design that is distorted in just the right way so that it reconstitutes when the viewer stands at a specific vantage point. He sets up a camera or a viewfinder where he wants his audience to stand and then projects his drawings from that perspective.

The British-born artist began his chalk masterpieces as a street performer, using the money he made to fund his travels across Europe, Australia and the US. Today, he is widely recognized and has landed commissioned commercials in over 28 countries.

You can see more of Beever’s work here and here.

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