It’s been two years since the internet was set ablaze with a dazzling video (viewed 4.8 million times) depicting a topical spray that somehow is able to magically waterproof anything you apply it to. The hydrophobic product in question was created when Ross Technology Corp (RTC) set out to create a compound that would effectively reduce corrosion on metals they worked on. Research chemists at RTC would eventually realize that what they were concocting worked incredibly well for treating surfaces against water, oil and even bacteria. Watching this stuff work is really remarkable. Check out the video below where water, mustard, chocolate syrup and red wine vinegar are used against spotless white shoes and shirts. You won’t believe your eyes.

The applications for this miraculous stuff are seemingly endless. A particularly interesting use illustrated in the video above is in which it is used for waterproofing cardboard boxes creating  impromptu beer coolers. Previously feared by RTC as something impossible for them to mass produce and distribute, the product aptly named NeverWet, is now available thanks to a manufacturing and distribution agreement struck with Rust-Oleum and can now be found at Home Depot for 20 bucks. Find out more about this incredible new product and it’s plans for improvement here.

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