Everyone loves a bright and powerfully booming display of fireworks. From sporting events, ringing in the New Year, to the upcoming celebration of our own fine country’s independence, these colorful and meticulously arranged rockets-with-red-glare have been used to add the flare commemorating anything worthy of such spectacle. First used as a means to ward off malevolent spirits, fireworks have changed exponentially in form and function into the awe-inspiring displays we know today. Starting out as an insipid reed of bamboo sitting atop an open fire, waiting for the air pressure inside the reed to cause it to pop 2, 200 years ago, this parlor trick was eventually refined into something truly magnificent, the mainstay and awesomely powerful modern firework. Thanks to the 9th century Chinese, with their discovery of gunpowder, a delectably explosive mixture of potassium nitrate, charcoal, and sulfur, (a recipe of which has remained for the most part unchanged to this day) the firework was born and paved the way to another extremely impacting invention, the multi-stage rocket. As with most anything in terms of advances in technology, the firework has come a long way since it’s inception and found here is a great article portraying the somewhat deadly history of our favorite celebratory missiles of marvel.


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