With our society’s need for fast-paced communication, it is no surprise that handwriting documents has gone the way of the 8-track, passed over for the many benefits of drafting with a word-processing software instead. Still, there is nothing quite like using an actual pen and paper to draft your papers, poems, notes, letters, etc. There is an intimacy behind handwriting that word-processors can never replace, despite their many advantages.

Thankfully, one pair of German inventors is seeking to take away one of the advantages the computer has over handwriting by inventing a pen which checks for spelling errors on its own. By installing a simple computing device into the pen’s body that shakes to alert its wielder of a misspelling, designers Falk Wolsky and Daniel Kaesmacher have updated a centuries-old tool. They call their invention the Lernstift, which is German for, “learning pen”. For now, the pen only checks for spelling errors, but its creator’s intend to eventually increase its repertoire of features to include grammar and syntax-checking tools as well.

Learn more about this amazing new take on an old tool on The Daily Mail and on the Lernstift website

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