Nothing about the process that photographer Tim Tadder goes through for each shot in his Water Wigs series is conventional. From working in complete darkness, to rigging microphones to set off the flash, to outfitting his models in bald wigs, Tadder’s methods don’t mimic what is expected for a fashion photographer.

Yet somehow, the final product that Tadder ends up with makes it all worth while.

For some of the photos, water balloons are simply dropped on the head of the model, but for others, long balloons are draped over the subject, and then popped when needed. For the shots, light is thrown onto the subjects as he shoots to produce something that is whimsical and perplexing at the same time. His amazing photos have gone viral, prompting many to wonder what the process is like for the production of these photographs.

Recently, a Vimeo user known only as Light Gangster, who we can only assume is Tadder himself, gave us that behind the scenes of the entire process. Check out that video below. The complete Water Wigs series can be seen here.

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