The human eye is a truly beautiful and magnificent thing. Varying in color and shape, and just like our fingerprint, no two sets of eyes are the same. Photographer Suren Manvelyan recognizes this and has an exquisite collection of close up photography found on Behance wherein his subject of extreme focus is the human eye. In his macro photography¬†collection titled “Your Beautiful Eyes”¬†Suren explores the intricate and unique beauty that each eye possesses with incredible clarity revealing an almost creepy quality to our windows to the soul. Some appear to look like enormous craters in vast deserts, while others appear as the nebulous, cellular weavings we’re used to seeing albeit obviously more defined, and there are even some that appear as though they could be black holes or portals into other dimensions. Check out Suren Manvelyan’s wonderful series for yourself here and see just how incredible our eyes really are.

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