The History of the Trapper Keeper


Mead’s Trapper is arguably one of the most recognized school brands ever. Wouldn’t you agree? If you’re an 80’s kid, you definitely should. Every single kid had one of those magnificent mega folders (they were so common that this is a near-literal statement). Boys usually had their Trapper Keepers emblazoned with dinosaurs and fire or cherry-bomb red sports cars with lightning bolts and girls normally had them adorned with Lisa Frank’s colorful animals and rainbows. While there are times when hugely successful products come into being by pure accident, the Trapper Keeper came about by means of something a bit more old-fashioned – good ol’ marketing research. If you’re interested in knowing how exactly Mead’s hugely successful and ubiquitous school tool came into existence, found here is an amazing article from detailing everything you need to know. It even has some old school Trapper commercials for your nostalgic viewing pleasure.




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