Phonebloks is a complete newcomer to the smartphone market. In fact, they are so new that they have no actual physical product yet. Instead, they have an idea, but it is an idea so strong that it has the potential of changing the way we approach not just our smartphones, but all of our electronics.

Phonebloks aims to create a smartphone that is based on modules. Each module handles a specific function of the phone, such as the camera, the speaker, the battery, etc. These modules can be bought separately, can be manufactured by different companies and are all brought together onto a central board using pin connectors. Thus creating an infinitely customizable device, Phonebloks hopes to be able to curb the amount of electronic waste we create due to the constant upgrading of outdated phones.

Like we said, for now, this is just an idea. The company hopes to unite the voices of users to create demand strong enough to get the manufacturers, CEOs, investors and developers interested in taking the idea further, so that the smartphone of the future can actually be a reality some time in the near present.

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