A company’s logo is one of the most-important pieces of their marketing puzzle. It is the means by which a consumer identifies the brand, but also, how they remember it. That is why redesigning a logo and refreshing a brand is such a slippery slope. However, if executed properly, it can make all the difference to a company’s bottom line.

Once such example can be seen in the evolution of Pepsi’s logo and packaging. The soda game is full of competition and Pepsi is no stranger to doing whatever it takes to stay relevant. The company has changed their logo and packaging throughout the decades to compete with their most-formidable opponent, Coca Cola. In fact, in 1998, they created the iconic all-blue can to better project their logo to their consumers. The blue successfully distinguished them from their biggest competitor, Coca Cola, whose red cans are identifiable all around the word. In fact, this iconic battle with Coca Cola ignited the evolution of the Pepsi logo, which can be seen here.

But because Pepsi knows that consumers are nostalgic, they are not adverse to delving back to their roots in order to boost sales. In 2009, they released a Throwback line of cans hankering back to a simpler time, before advertising forced the company to rethink their iconic logo. Instead of creating a whole new line of packaging, they  reconsidered their original look. The 2009 Throwback Pepsi designs are almost identical to the Pepsi cans from 1984, except that the 2009 cans had a little message on them notifying the customers that the Throwback line of soda contained real sugar, instead of high fructose corn syrup.

The Throwback logo not only played on people’s nostalgia, but also a time when people were more familiar with simple ingredients. The move to using real sugar also worked in the company’s favor by appealing to more health-conscious consumers who were wary of the unhealthy ingredients in the newer lines of sodas.

The evolution of the Pepsi logo has brought the Pepsi corporation much success and proves that a company must continue to change to keep up with it’s ever-fluctuating consumer base…even if it means changing back to an older version of itself. This insight into Pepsi’s Throwback line reminds us that going back to basics might be the best move forward.


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