Graffiti: A term used to define an act that is (unfortunately in some cases) a defacement of property, can often times be a beautiful and colorful form of artistic expression. The colorful impact of a well executed piece of graffiti coupled sometimes with some dangerously chosen locations, combine to make it’s creator something that traverses between masterful abstract artist and death-defying daredevil. Since the days of ancient Greece, and possibly even before that, graffiti ┬áhas been with us. In one form, an act of defiance in face of despondence, in another, a form of marking territory between rivaling gangs, a stigma that has long stuck with this expressive art form and has hindered it’s progress and acceptance. In recent years however, things have changed for the better and beautiful examples of the abstract works created by these talented street artists are abound, if you know where to look. Found here is a great read for anyone interested in the history of graffiti eloquently depicting where it was, where it is, and where it’s going. And here, is another displaying an impressive collection depicting how graffiti can be adorning and gorgeous.

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