The Different Types of Banners You Can Use


If you’ve decided to include banners in your marketing campaigns, or are looking for a banner for an upcoming event, chances are you might be overwhelmed with the range of options that are available to you in today’s printing market. From banners for outdoor use to banners used in decorating your trade show space, there is a banner type for almost every purpose, in a range of sizing and color options that may lead to confusion before you even consider your order.

To simplify the process, we’ve out together this quick guide to the different types of banners that are available out there, broken down by what each type is best suited for.

1. Outdoor Banners
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When planning to use banners outdoors, there are a few factors to consider. First, it’s important to have an idea of how long your banner will remain outside. If a long time, then it is imperative that your banner be suited for exposure to the sun and rain. Vinyl is the preferred material for outdoor use, and a heavy duty 13 oz vinyl is recommended. This material will stand up well to the elements, and can be produced in a range of standardized and customized sizes, ensuring a fit for whatever your need may be. Vinyl outdoor banners are great for uses such as:

  • Street Side Signs
  • Parade Signs
  • Table Skirts and Signage for Outdoor Festivals
  • Trade Show Booth Signage

2. Step and Repeat Banners
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Step and Repeat Banners are essentially vinyl banners. These banners are most commonly decorated with logos and used as a back drop for photo opportunities at events. The term “step and repeat” is used in the industry to denote the type of graphic printed on the banner rather than they type of banner itself. In a step and repeat banner, an image or image grouping is usually evenly repeated across the banner. Despite common misconceptions, step and repeats can be as cost effective as traditional banners, with much of the cost dependent on the method used to display the banner. Commonly, trusses are used for larger events, but a grommeted banner can make an excellent step and repeat, especially for single use events. Step and Repeat banners are great for uses such as:

  • Fundraising events and Galas
  • “Red Carpet” Photographs
  • Backdrop for Booths and event spaces
  • Sponsor Board Display

3. Retractable Banners
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For banners that need to be highly portable, or for those that want to use banners in places where it is inconvenient or impossible to hang banners, retractable banners provide a simple and easy to use solution. These banners, as their name implies, retract for storage and extend for display. They can be printed in full color and make an attractive addition to a booth or in-store display design, and are practical for use in outdoor situations where signage is needed. Some of the uses of a retractable banner include:

  • Trade Show and Conference Display
  • Individual Product showcase
  • In-store display
  • Festival or Market Booth Signage
  • Restaurant Menu Display and Specials




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