More often than not, the final image that you see in the pages of a magazine have been modified and retouched almost completely via photoshop or some other post-production program. However, showing that you can put together an amazing detailed shot without loads of production and on a relatively small budget, a team put together a beautiful photograph using multiple exposures and simple basic camera equipment.

An article, recently published on Petapixel, describes how the team was inspired by an article that claimed that gear doesn’t matter to put together an amazing image using nothing more than kit lenses and consumer-level camera equipment. Of course, they relied greatly on their skill and knowledge of working with multiple exposures, but it really goes to show that there is little that cannot be accomplished, regardless of equipment.

Read the article on Petapixel on how the project was put together and eventually because one of the top 100 photos featured on 500px.

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