The Death of The Camera As We Know


After 15 years behind the camera, photographer Craig Mod, recently found himself pondering a very weighted question; is the camera dead? The photographer, who has progressed through a series of cameras over the years, from a Hasselblad, to a DSLR, Mod was even fond of the mirrorless 3/4 system that recently became popular.

However, on a recent hiking trip, Mod came to a stark realization; thanks to the incredible lenses that are packed into smart phones, paired with their ability to broadcast images across social networks the second they are taken, traditional cameras are suddenly becoming “impoverished”. As Mod states, “While we’ve long obsessed over the size of the film and image sensors, today we mainly view photos on networked screens—often tiny ones, regardless of how the image was captured—and networked photography provides access to forms of data that go beyond pixels”

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