Inspired by the chaotic nature of the ocean, surfer and painter Emilio Perez creates beautiful works of arts by cutting patterns into his canvasses. At first glance, the abstract work Perez creates is already impressive, with lush colors dissected by a detailed pattern of lines and waves.

Upon closer examination, it’s easy to see just what makes Perez’s work so special. He begins by covering his canvas in layer over layer of paint. Then,  instead of painting-in the detailed veins of his work, he cuts very fine lines into the canvas using an Exacto knife and peels off the discarded pieces to expose the backgrounds beneath. His process is erratic and unplanned as he attempts to bring “order” to the chaos of paint on canvass by highlighting the ebb and flow of his brushstrokes with cut-outs. He relates his process closely to being in the ocean where there are “forces” and “energies” pushing and pulling you in different directions and your only course of action is to react in the moment to what is happening.

Watch the video below to see Perez in action. Additional images of his work can be found here,  here and here.

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