Things have changed immensely in recent years when it comes to listening to our favorite tunes. For a few bucks a month, or even for free in some cases (lookin’ at you, pirates) you can have unlimited access to any and all music from a variety of sources. Among the various vehicles for music quickly becoming obsolete, the cassette tape is one that still has it’s uses. But not in the way that you might be thinking. Erika Iris Simmons, a talented artist who goes by the alias iri5 creates beautiful pieces of artwork using pretty much anything she can get her eager little hands on. She says:

It feels great to work with strange, older materials. Things that have a mind of their own. Most everything I use has been thrown away or donated at some point. Past its prime, like some of the finest things in the world.”

In her most recent series cleverly dubbed ‘Ghost in the Machine’, Erika uses cassette and reel tapes to create extremely innovative portraits of musicians, personalities and celebrities including the legendary likenesses of Jimi Hendrix, Madonna, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and even Alan Turing among others. Found here in a post on are a few examples of her impressive body of work. If you like what you see, you can view all of Erika’s inspiring crafty creations here.

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