The Booster Seat of The Future is Surprisingly Low-Tech


Many parents find booster seats cumbersome and confusing and decidedly un-portable, which makes them a pain to use and therefore easy to brush off. However, booster seats are an important safety feature for children, and no parent wants to unnecessarily put their child at risk.

Now, following a successful indegogo crowdfunding campaign that raised the French creators of the booster seat over $200,000, the mifold may soon change the way parents look at their booster seat. So small it can fit into your backpack or glove compartment, the mifold takes a sort of backwards approach to the booster seat in order to achieve its portability. Whereas a traditional booster seat lifts the child into an adult position so that they are able to properly fit into the seat belt, the mifold brings the seat belt down to their size, instead.

Folded down into its storage position, the mifold is ten times smaller than a traditional seat, but doesn’t sacrifice safety features. However, in a time when even the youngest of passengers can work an iPad, the mifold lacks any tech features, despite having been compared to an iPad in parent testimonials. Despite its low-tech features, the seat promises to be easy to use, portable and loved by parents and kids alike.

Currently, you can learn more about the mifold heremifold2. Scheduled to ship in March of 2016, a single mifold starts at $88, with pledges that score you 6, 12 or even 100. The company also recently launched a referral program which allows you to earn points towards free mifolds by referring friends.




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