When you’re a kid, you dream big, but most kids don’t get to live their dreams out during their daily adult lives. That’s not the case for Danny MacAskill. The 27-year-old Scottish trials cyclist from Dunvegan, on the Isle of Skye, works professionally as a street trials pro-rider for UK bike company, Inspired Bicycles Ltd. The cyclist is no stranger to videos, having first gained media attention in 2009 via a five-minute, amateur YouTube video of his stunts.

Now, MacAskill has teamed up with RedBull to create a completely different kind of street-trial cycling video. The short film, released earlier this year by RedBull as the 5th installment in a series titled Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate, puts viewers in the head of a young MacAskill, as he plays with his cyclist toys in an arena of playing blocks and colored pencils. Through RedBull magic (and money) we are then magically transported into Danny’s head, where a very adult MacAskill demonstrates his impressive skill on a larger-than-life kid’s playroom floor. Watch this video and check out the full series on the RedBull website.


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