The Amazing Sketches of Kerby Rosanes


A glimpse into an artist’s sketchbook can sometimes be even more impressive than an extensive study of gallery pieces. Sketchbook work is typically unfinished and more telling than a completed work, lacking the little fixes that the artist added only at the very end of the project. For Philippines-based illustrator,┬áKerby Rosanes, the various sketches that he creates inside his Moleskine sketchbooks showcase a different creative side of the artist, who by day works as a graphic designer and SEO Specialist.

While Doodling is indeed just a hobby for Rosanes, his sketchbooks are filled with incredibly detailed, energetic doodles that are very much capable of standing on their own as works of art. Rosanes features his doodles on a website he created called Sketchy Stories, and was recently showcased on Modern Metropolis.







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