The 3D Printing Buccaneer Wants To Be Everywhere and While Sitting Pretty at $347, It Just Might Be


The 3D printer has been quite a topic of discussion as of late, and rightfully so. A user-friendly machine theoretically capable of printing nearly anything could very well change everything we know about the development, prototyping, and even the full-on production of various products worldwide. This potential is what is leading some to believe the 3D printer could bring about a movement with a fervor on-par with the Industrial Revolution, stemming from the hope that once the technology was made easily operable and accessible, (and perhaps when a more resilient material can be used) the 3D printer could change the world. A debunking point shared by one credible disbeliever disproves this claim by contesting that even with it’s more simplified level of operation opposed to traditional methods, the 3D printer just wouldn’t be simple enough to be embraced by all. Pair this with another strong argument citing the steep starting price as well as residual material costs incurred from owning and operating one of these machines and the shining prospect of this technology becoming ubiquitously common across all demographics begins to wane, and with it, the lofty goal it embodies.

Fortunately, it appears as though hope yet remains.

Meet the Buccaneer (pictured above). Created by Pirate 3D with the the well garnered  support via Kickstarter raising $1.4 million, this 3D printer is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye with a design reminiscent of a product Apple would be proud to endorse based on appearance alone, it is also easier to operate than most, if not all other printers sporting a top-load area for the material used to be popped into, and get this, the Pirate 3D Buccaneer only costs 347 buckaroos. Prior to this particularly hopeful contraption, the only other reputable 3D printing devices currently available near this price range are RepRap’s printer, priced at around $500 and MakerBot’s Replicator which sits in a substantially larger price bracket costing upwards of $2000. Bundle the easier user experience, the sleek product design, the considerably low price, and also a planned open source model where veteran and unsullied users alike can interact by uploading their designs onto the e-marketplace, this hopeful little gadget just might be worth it’s weight in gold when released this coming December.

Whether or not the 3D printer will change the world by becoming a globally domestic technology can only be measured by the test of time, but it’s fair to say this new development, by making it more affordable and accessible as well as it being easier to use, is definitely a step in the right direction. Read more about the exciting Buccaneer and what it hopes to achieve in a fantastically detailed article found here.





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