The 2011 Aerial Stunt by Seanna Sharpe You Probably Didn’t See

Image by Bryan Derballa for The Wall Street Journal

Image by Bryan Derballa for The Wall Street Journal

While the Occupy movement may have had its most memorable moments on the West Coast, there were many incredible events organized by East Coasters as well. One of them being an incredible acrobatic stunt pulled off by aerialist Seanna Sharpe, who climbed 285 feet (that’s 11 stories) up the Williamsburg bridge to dangle herself over rush-hour train traffic, suspended only by a double-silk cloud swing of her own invention.

Sharpe was subsequently arrested for her insane stunt, but charges against her and her partner were eventually dropped. The video, which we definitely recommend you watch in fullscreen HD, shows her entire stunt from various onlookers footage, who aimed their phones and cameras at the sky in sheer awe. Somehow this stunt managed to go mostly unnoticed by the world wide web, and two years after she accomplished this impressive feat, we felt like it deserved to be brought up.




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