That’s Not a Render! The Art of Cinta Vidal

cinta vidal
In this day and age, with the availability of technology thanks to cheap computers and inexpensive design software, hyper-realistic and stylized renders are very common. Tools such as Cinema 4D have paved the way for artists to express themselves in the third dimension, often creating shapes and textures that could not exist in our visible reality. In fact, this technology is so readily available and inexpensive to use, it has become so commonplace to see digitized renders of real objects where in the past the object themselves would’ve been.

However, despite all this technological prowess and wow-factor, some artists continue to push the envelope with their own hands. Enter the mind of Cinta Vidal.

“I do not remember the last time I left home without a notebook to draw what I see – notebooks where I try to reflect the complexity of human relationships from different perspectives. I never wanted to commit to a single style, even if that’s the common thing to do. Each new project, painting, illustration, client, idea… is thoroughly analyzed and after that process, what should be told and how it should be told will arise.”

Having began drawing when she was a child, Cinta Vidal Agulló studied at Escola Massana in Barcelona, Spain. She started working as an apprentice when she was 16 years old, learning to create scenes and backdrops. She also acquired skills working the Opera De Sabadell, where she painted “all kinds of scenography elements”.

“Regarding illustration, I have never stopped experimenting. I worked as a freelancer for various clients and gradually I have been heading to the world of painting and creating my own work.”

Vida’s work largely resembles images that one would expect to see as a render, but delicately painted with such detail instead. The manual nature of the work adds a sort of warmth and humanity to the overall pieces, which are even more impressive when taken into consideration the labor it took to create them.




See more of Cinta’s artwork here.




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