Switzerland’s Null Stern Hotel Has No Walls

stern hull

When you book your hotel, you’re expecting certain things, amongst those: four walls, a roof and a bathroom. However, when you book your stay at Switzerland’s Null Stern Hotel, that’s not at all what you get. Doing away with the concept of containment altogether, concept artists Frank and Patrick Riklin, identical twin concept artists, have reinvented the traditional hotel stay. Featuring nothing more than a tile floor, two nightstands and a bed, the rooms in their hotel allow guests to sleep under the open sky.

Straddling the line between luxury hotel stay and campsite, the hotel ensures its guests aren’t left alone in the wilderness. They are led to their room by a butler, who also serves them breakfast in bed when they rise, making the price tag of $250 per night a bit more relatable.

The twins envisioned the hotel in 2008, wanting to create a place to stay in a somewhat unexpected situation. Their initial idea was to convert a nuclear bunker, but they ultimately went in the completely opposite direction, doing away with any structure whatsoever. While reservations depend heavily on the weather, booking a stay is fairly easy and can be done on the “hotel” website.

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