Switching to Chrome? Check Out These Extensions.

Google Chrome Extensions

As time passes, you will notice that I am a HEAVY Google preacher, hence the first post I wrote. One of the most successful tools Google has released in the last few years, has been Google Chrome (not to be mistaken with Google Chrome OS, which I will soon be writing a little something on.)

One of the main reasons not everyone is using this browser, has recently been worked on and is now in the beta stages. The extensions. Chrome got released when Firefox had just hit the tip of the iceberg and was literally in a league of it’s own. Firefox was NOT broken, so why fix it with another Mozilla-esque browser, that will just leave everyone overwhelmed by options, when they didn’t even ask for it? Well, Google just does that. Accept it!

So yeah, extensions. Where art thou?

The first year Google Chrome came out, I was lucky enough to be selected to beta test it. It blew my mind. Although I always found myself going back to FireFox for the fun extensions. Recently, with version 5 of Google Chrome, a beta test came out, allowing you to include extensions.

One of the greatest online webdesign mags out, NETTUTS, wrote an article on the top 20 extensions for Chrome that you should be keeping your eyes on. From, webdesign extensions to SEO helpers, color pickers and the ever so famous Xmarks Bookmark extension, these guys cover the top dawg tools for your Google Chrome experience.



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