If you think back, can you quantify the amount of time you spent playing Super Mario Bros? We’re willing to bet that you can’t. We, too, have a hard time guessing how many of those koopa-crushing hours we spent on that now-vintage machine, plus the first five minutes of that valuable, “I’m gonna play some video games, ” time blowing into the cartridges to get them to work.

Paying homage to the game in an amazing example of  the in-browser capabilities of HTML5 , college student Josh Goldberg recently put together a fully HTML5 version of the old-school favorite that can be played in full screen on any computer. Unfortunately, the site has been taken down due to a DMCA complaint from Nintendo themselves, but the sophomore at Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute has left the open source code up on Github for anyone who wants to study the code for themselves.

Most impressively, the code includes an HTML5 level generator that allows users to create their own levels within the game, or generate a random level. Check out Goldberg’s website for more information and mess around with the code by downloading it here.

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