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With the heat steadily rising and the prevalence of afternoon showers, one thing is clear: summer is right around the corner. During these humid months, kids are out of school and on vacation, and as a result, working parents often ramp up their consumption of everyday goods, making summer a great time to reach out to your target audience. The middle of the year is also a great time to start marketing to kids for back-to-school materials and reaching out to this younger influencer generation while they are more likely to accompany their parents on their errands and shopping trips.

To make the most of this season, we’ve put together some fail-proof summer advertising tips and ideas that you can take advantage of when getting ready to launch your summer campaign.

1. Go Bold

Summer is a time for bright colors, and while many advertisers see black as synonymous with luxury, there are many other ways to maintain a classy appearance while letting in the bright, chipper colors of summer time. Luxury fashion Dolce and Gabanna, for example, embraces the brighter side of summer by using outdoor scene settings to frame their summer collections, a stark contrast from their darker, somber winter advertisements. Others can have even more freedom in their design, using everything from fruits to sunlight to brighten up their designs.





2. Keep it Clear

With all that color, it can be easy to lose focus on what you are actually marketing, so it’s important to define and use a clear and concise messages in your advertising. This is especially important if your advertising and marketing materials use many different images. A unifying message or message format can help define your brand and make it more identifiable among your target audience, even over the course of multiple seasons’ campaigns. Major companies like Coca-Cola are notorious for taking this approach. Their ‘Open Happiness’ campaign has been adapted for many seasons’ worth of ads, but one of our favorite is how they were able to change the meaning of the same “open for summer” message by a simple change of background image for their summer 2013 campaign.




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3. Switch it Up

By creating a template with a repeated or formatted message and colors, you can create an entire line of branded marketing materials that meet any need you may have. The brochure below, for example, keeps the bright summery yellow and wave pattern throughout the variations of the design, making it easily identifiable. As this is for a water park, they would easily be able to use similar colors and images on their website, business cards and other marketing materials, as well. Target also took this approach in their 2012 summer campaign, using the same concept, but showcasing different summer necessities. This method can be useful for those who want to market multiple products in a series or those who are looking to saturate the market.



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