Stunning Time-Lapse Video Shot by Astronaut While Orbiting Earth


The hyperlapse video of your drive home may have been impressive when the app first launched, but ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst is about to make it obsolete. While orbiting Earth on the International Space Station, Gerst shot sequential high-res images of the earth at a rate of one frame per second. Gerst then combined these striking images into a stunning time-lapse video that runs 25 times more rapidly than it actually did for those orbiting inside the Space Station.

Gerst himself is a geophysicist who is studying earth sciences in Wellington, New Zealand as well as Karlsruhe, Germany. He earned his PhD in Hamburg, Germany in 2010, along with a dissertation on volcanic eruption dynamics and will be spending five months aboard the International Space Station.

Hopefully for us gravity-laden folk below him, that means more of these fantastic videos will soon be circulating the internet.





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