Studio Cheha’s “3D” Reading Lamps

3D printing is all the rage now and anyone with access to the equipment is scrambling for ways to monetize the new technology. Nowadays, printers are creating increasingly complex printed structures and finding ways to print materials that are commonly more expensive to produce.

Tel Aviv-based Studio Cheha, however, has taken “3D printing” into a decidedly flatter direction. They initially presented the idea for their “3D” BULBING Lamp, which only resembles a three-dimensional object. The bulb, which is actually a flat LED lamp composed of an acrylic sheet that has been laser engraved into a classic bulb silhouette, is covered with intricate lines that suggest dimensional aspects. It makes up the bulbous form of archetypal light bulbs and reminds viewers a bit of 3D mapping points.

Now, continuing their series of two-dimensional based 3D designs, the studio has recently released two new lamps that use the same laser-engraved acrylic medium to create the semblance of a 3D piece. The lamp, which the company hopes to produce in two variations, was recently funded on Kickstarter. hey are are currently available for pre-order for about $70.







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