As far as history goes, people have been affixing things to other things for advertising purposes for ages. Since as far back as the ancient Egyptians, in fact, people have been advertising with adhesives. Today, stickers are everywhere. You see them on sign posts, mailboxes, on and in packages, as more and more people try to find a way to have custom stickers included in their marketing kits.

Who Uses Stickers?

In addition to their cost effectiveness, stickers are an especially useful asset as they can help promote your brand through word-of-mouth referrals. Stickers are most commonly used by urban brands, including many street-wear and lifestyle brands. They are also utilized by musicians, performers, and other social acts for this reason. Fans of sticker advertisers are typically quick to distribute their stickers to friends if they like the design or appreciate the brand.

For others, stickers are a good way to add a personalized touch for packaging. Custom designed stickers are often used to label boxes, sleeves, envelopes and myriad of other things. And because stickers can be custom die-cut to any shape, are available in range of materials and in full color, there are limitless options for customization.

Why Use Stickers?

Everyone likes stickers. Stickers resonate with recipients because they remind us of our childhood, and as such, are often used in giveaways and prizes. Stickers are also a malleable and effective promotional material because they become a marketing vehicle for your brand once they are in the hands of other people. Stickers can be placed on virtually any medium, by anyone, meaning that they are often placed in high-traffic areas. Consequently, they deliver an incredible return.

Some companies even sell stickers and sticker packs to their customers, who go on to distribute, put up or pass around the stickers, resulting not only in additional revenue, but also creating one of the rare situations in which your target audience pays you to advertise your brand.

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