Of all the things that Steve Jobs left behind, none will be as ambitious as the plans for the new Apple Headquarters. This behemoth of an architectural endeavor may actually soon become a reality that is even larger than what Mr. Jobs himself that ever imagined.

Jobs first introduced the project to the city council in mid-2011, and just this past year, it was unanimously approved with only a single voting session left to decide it’s fate. Though Jobs’ initial proposal offered a space that could accommodate for 6, 000 employees, the project, which is now being led by UK-based architecture firm Foster + Partners, in collaboration with civil engineering firm Kier & Wright, has evolved with time, now suggesting the ring-shaped offices can hold up to 14, 000 people.

In addition to the office space, the innovative design includes room for a 600-seat restaurant with four-story glass sliding doors, an auditorium for unveiling new products, a fitness center, and a four-story parking garage.

Below are some renderings of what the building will look like when construction is completed, should the project pass through the final voting cycle.






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