Sphelar: Graf’s LED Flashlight Powered by Spherical Solar Cells


The solar-powered flashlight; been there, done that.

Most solar flashlights are either not built for the wear-and-tear that flashlights incur or, they’re not very stylish. (And by that, we mean, they’re bulky and fairly ugly.)

But Osaka-based design firm Graf is hoping to change that with their latest LED Flashlight that is powered by spherical solar cells. The flashlight is called Sphelar and it was designed for the MOMA Store.

Retailing for $150, the Sphelar is powered by Eco-friendly spherical solar cells that are embedded in the handle. The cells are shaped to collect as much of the sun’s rays as possible, charging the LED flashlight for up to four hours of continuous use. The flashlight comes with a wooden dock that allows the cells to charge.







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