Space Mining, Star Gazing and Now Even Celestial Selfies – Planetary Resources Inc. Wants To Do It All


Planetary Resources Inc., the first asteroid mining company ( now getting a lot of support via the crowd-funding site Kickstarter ) is coming closer and closer to becoming reality. Proposed initially with the goal of mining near-orbit asteroids for precious metals such as gold and platinum, this company is branching out with sights on bringing space within reach to everyone on Earth.

How are they doing this, you ask?

Meet the Arkyd 100. The product of a revolutionary idea with hopes of giving everyone access to an in-space telescope able to take real-time photographs of celestial bodies, and even make non-celestial bodies appear as if they were. For a mere 25 dollar pledge, the Arkyd will have your picture displayed on it’s screen while a robotic appendage reaches out and snaps a picture of your photograph with our favorite glowing blue orb and the vastness of space as the backdrop creating the most cosmic ‘selfie’ of all time. ( How’s THAT for landscape scenery in a photograph?! )

Read more about this exciting development in space prospecting, observation and discovery here and/or here, and even find out how you can get involved in this group-funded orbital excursion by clicking here.






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