Socially Conscious Mobile Apps Make Giving Easier Than Ever


There is an app for everything, and just when you think there’s nothing else that there could possibly be an app for, another one comes forward. The best part is that apps usually come in waves: alarm clock apps, camera filter apps, fitness apps, coupon apps and so on. The mobile app market is a lucrative industry, on track to profit $27 billion this year.

If you haven’t already caught on, there is a new trend for apps dedicated to doing good. This post on Mashable features a gallery of 10 apps that facilitate contribution to your fellow man, locally and internationally. The list includes applications like Feedie, which donates a meal to a child in South Africa through a non-profit whenever you dine and foodstagram your meal at one of their participating restaurants (currently only in NYC); Recyclebank, which rewards you for recycling; or Charity Miles, where corporate sponsors donate money for every mile you run or bike.

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Giving back is now easier than ever and just a click away. Let’s get out there and do some good.






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