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Skype’s ability to connect people over long distances has never been more apparent, or poignantly beautiful than illustrated by the story of Sarah and Paige.

The girls met on Skype eight years ago when they were both eight-years-old. Both girls were born without a left arm and found solidarity over the miles (Sarah lives in Indiana and Paige lives in New Zealand.) by talking about all the challenges their condition brings. For eight years they bridged the distance and supported each other, without ever meeting in person.

That is, until Skype flew Sarah and her family to New Zealand so she could meet Paige.

Their heartfelt meeting was captured on video (below) and guarantees that there will be not one dry eye in the house once you’ve watched it.

Skype has mastered the way of advertising the emotional connection that their product brings to people and managed to make these two young ladies’ dream of meeting a reality.

Warning: You will need tissues.

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