The economy is on its way up and we’re starting to see the end of some troublesome years. It’s no wonder so many small businesses (that managed to weather the storm) are contemplating expansion. First of all, a salute is in order for those that stuck it out through the recession, redesigning themselves to ride out the wave. The economy reportedly lost over 200, 000 small businesses from 2008 to 2010. If you survived, you deserve to celebrate. But before you open that second location, Mashable has some advice you should consider.

The article compiles advice from six successful entrepreneurs who have experience in expanding their businesses. The list includes tips, such as scaling locally (moving your business close enough so that word-of-mouth buzz can still follow you) and knowing your motives (making sure not to expand a business to fix a revenue problem of the core business). With these tips and your thick skin, you’re sure to do just fine.


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