The world has loved celebrating with fireworks since they were first invented by the Chinese in what is believed to have been the 7th century. The Chinese introduced the explosive art to the Arabs in the 13th century and later to the Europeans in the 17th century. Most will agree that watching fireworks light up the night sky is truly magical.

Daytime fireworks have recently begun to gain popularity as well. You still get the same sound effects, but instead of bright shooting stars, you get what looks like fluffy clouds of paint— nonetheless magical.

In case you haven’t witnessed them before, online or in-person, here are six video clips of daytime fireworks in all their glory.

Created by Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang, this display took place at the Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha, Qatar in 2011.

Here you see a daytime display at the Hillsong Conference 2013.

This one was featured during the annual Italian festival honoring Saint Trifon in 2012.

The Tall Ships Races in Helsinki Harbor, Finland in 2013.

This show was created by a private, amateur fireworks club, the Florida Pyrotechnic Arts Guild.

And here’s a compilation video, just for good measure.

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