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Single page websites seem to be all the hype lately, and can be used from everything to wedding invitations to job applications if done properly. We’ve scoured the digital world for some of the best examples of single page websites in all their versatile glory to showcase a collection of single page websites that conform to meet the specific need of each site’s owner.

As a Job Application –

This super cool single page website is as interesting as it is informative. Louter has found an excellent way to teeter that line between entertainment and information but create a site in which his “character” develops as we learn about him. With the single focus of being hired by the Guardian, Lauter not only showcases his skill set in an interactive and unexpected way, he makes the reader of the site want to keep scrolling, learning more about him as he does. Uniquely to his purpose, Lauter has also found a way to make his site showcase the concept that he is attempting to bring on board to the Guardian – showing them a new way to present idea.

As a Company Portfolio –

The best thing about single page websites, is that they place your content, and not just some of your content, but all your content, front and center. The basic layout is interactive enough to encourage the reader to try all the buttons, but simple and clean enough to accurately and beautiful display the design group’s work.

As an Individual Portfolio –

Judge’s website is another prime example of how well a single page website can be used for a portfolio page. Her landing presentation is reminiscent of a traditional web page, with a menu that easily allows the reader to jump directly to any given section of the page, but what makes her site stand out is the simplicity of the slider and color scheme. Plus, the blatant availability banner and whimsical “for hire” ribbon add a unique touch to the site.

As a Movie Website –

Similarly structured to the wedding invitation site, The Clown’s website features a floating menu and similarly styled “cast” section. But the addition of the well styled gallery and movie poster styling at the bottom of the site personalize it in such a way that make the site really fit the content that it is presenting.

As All Around Awesome Design –

The Creme de la Creme of what the internet is capable of, this little beauty of a one page not only offers a superbly interactive and unique landing page. What could possibly be the most colorful scheme on any website, this site should most likely be accompanied with a surgeons general warning against seizures. Click and enjoy.

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