Although we’re all still waiting for hoverboards and flying cars, one must admit the tech coming out these days is pretty incredible stuff.  Google Glass, 3-D printing, and the Tesla electric car currently in development show immense promise and technological advancement (I mean c’mon, we’re also getting pretty close to suborbital space tourism and jetpacks for cryin’ out loud). But even with all the crazy gadgets and do-dads showing up on store shelves every day, there are still many ingenious products out there that still have not made it to the masses. Some are improvements upon simple tools such as a transparent hole puncher (seen above) while others are incredibly brilliant ideas like a power strip that comes apart and back together like a set of Lego blocks, a highlighter that uses ink that vanishes after six months and a printer that ‘tans‘ the paper instead of using ink just to name a few. Found here are 25 products you wouldn’t believe aren’t out yet (with the exception of #3. Once assembled to do what it’s supposed to, it looks pretty cumbersome).

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