Show of Your Pantone On Your KeyBoard with Brightkey


When the iPhone 6 and iOS 8 were announced last year, one of the most exciting Android-esque features that Apple users were anxious to finally get their hands on were custom keyboards. Many apps, including Swiftkey and Swype, which were previously only available to android users, are now finally available on iOS devices, and among them is Brightkey.


While BrightKey doesn’t feature the much-lauded swype features of SwiftKey and Swype, the keyboard allows designers to show off their love of Pantone colors. The app also provides one of the closest-to-the-native-thing keyboard functionality, with a minimally intrusive panel and memorized quickfire messages. The latest version of the app comes back with two Pantone color sets that showcase colors of the year from 2000-2015 as well as a select palette of fall Pantone colors to pick from. While the app is free to download, the Pantone color packs are sold as in-app purchases, and can be bought individually, or as entire collections.

Download it on the App Store.





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