Sell Sheets vs. Flyers: Which One Do You Need?

sell sheets
If you’re looking to print easily distributable collateral, you may be wondering what the differences between sell sheets and flyers are. Truth is, both are relatively similar in size and form, but each has its own unique purpose. So which do you need?

Flyers – Most consumers know what flyers are; they are commonly seen in most areas, and are encountered by most people in their daily lives. Flyers are smaller-sized informational leaflets that can be easily distributed to passersby, on tables, and on vehicles. Because of their ubiquity, flyers, however, require a bit of flash in their design to catch and hold a reader’s attention. As a result, most flyers end up being graphic heavy and emphasize the primary elements that are relevant to a particular purpose. It is also recommended that flyers not have much text, and this is where they differ greatly from sell sheets.

Sell Sheets – Similar to flyers, sell sheets are typically printed on 100Lb paper or cardstock. However, sell sheets, because they are most commonly printed at a standard 8.5″x11″ letter-sized standard, can hold more information in a format that most people are accustomed to reading from. As a result, these collateral pieces are usually designed to contain more info, allowing marketers to provide detailed information to interested buyers. Sell sheets are where you want to expand on the specific details that make your products or services stand out. As such, they are commonly used in trade shows and showrooms, as well as in real estate sales to provide product details to prospective buyers.

While a flyer will get them in the door, the sell sheet will provide them with the information that they need to know to make a purchase. The two work hand-in-hand in delivering results that help grow your business.




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