Sure, you know your product is great, but sometimes, making sense of all the data in your analytics dashboard can become a little overwhelming. For business owners, one of the toughest parts of the job is turning the pile of information that you have on your business into a presentable, readable thing that you can take to investors, clients, and advertisers to bring them in.  Thankfully Tidemark, the new business analytics platform that launched just a few months back, understands that people now a days have grown accustomed to the ease and simplicity of approaching their day to day web applications via their mobile phones.

In an approach similar to what Microsoft has done with its latest operating system and Surface Tables, Tidemark has launched a new feature called “Storylines” into their analytics platform, which allows users to access their data in a much more modular and simplified way. Based on Founder and CEO Christian Gheorghe’s concept that “Data is nothing without context”, Tidemark’s storylines help the user visualize the data in a dynamic way, breaking down profits, expenses and customers in a way that today’s information hungry business owners can really understand.

The platform isn’t just built for everyone though, as Tidemark aims for clients that average over $500 million in profits, still, its clean, visually appealing infographics and modular reporting tools are an interesting step in the future of data reporting.

Learn more about what the platform can do on Fast Company’s in-depth write up, which features a couple more screenshots of the different parts of the app itself.


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