Scribble, The World’s First Color Matching Pen


One of the most-useful features that digital artists have access to when using a platform such as Photoshop or Illustrator, is the ability to select existing colors and replicate them where and how the artist deems necessary. Now, a new drawing device called the Scribble is poised to take the art-creating world by storm.

The purpose of the device is incredibly simple, as “…the Scribble color-picker pen exists to make copying an exact color, any color from any object, an absolute breeze,” said a spokesperson from Scribble. Its usability seems endless, as the rep indicated that the device can be used by everyone from the colorblind, kids, interior decorators, and homeowners, to teachers, artists, photographers, designers and students.

There are two Scribble models; one that works just like a regular pen on regular paper, and the other that works in conjunction with a tablet, smartphone or laptop. According to the product’s website, Scribble works by, “Using an advanced color sensor and bright LED lights to illuminate and capture colors from any object around you.” This means that simply touching the pen to a wall, a plant, your favorite shirt, whatever it may be, will allow you to copy the color.

The digital version of the Scribble pen and stylus pairs with a mobile app to instantly sync every color scanned by the user directly onto a range of mobile devices. Colors become tagged, searchable and converted to various color models such as RGB and CMYK, rendering them infinitely more accessible especially since the app is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Not surprisingly, the pen reached its crowd-funding goal of $100,000 within a mere five hours of its campaign launch on Kickstarter, but sadly, Scribble Technology cancelled the funding yesterday after Kickstarter requested a more illustrative video demonstrating the device. However, the company recently announced that they would be relaunching the campaign on August 28th.

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