Sally Nixon’s Highly Personal Illustrations of Women


Women are often the center of attention, and as result, many carry themselves differently in public than they do in private. When alone, women can finally let their guard down and be at ease with themselves. This is how Sally Nixon’s illustrations capture women; in a state of complete comfort.

Recently featured on The Creator’s Project, these whimsical works of art are different than other contemporary depictions of women that we see in the media today. Rather than being posed and ready for the camera, these illustrations show women slouched on the floor eating pizza and suspiciously eying their pets during what should clearly be private time.

In a statement to The Creator’s Project, Nixon explained how the illustrations are actually quite personal in nature. “The women I draw come from my imagination for the most part, however, each of them, in one way or another, is a reflection of my personality,” the artist explained. “They don’t have perfect bodies or perfect habits and that makes them relatable. The scenes I create around them are everyday places: a bathroom, a restaurant, a messy bedroom. However my goal with each drawing is to elevate the seemingly mundane to something special and worthy of being viewed.”

You can see a few select pieces of Nixon’s work below. See more work on The Creator’s Project.






all images via The Creator’s Project.




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