Revolv Modifies Google Glass For Smart Home Automation Technology


By now, most of you have heard of Google Glass, Google’s new augmented reality, wearable computer. It’s a quasi-smartphone with a head-mounted screen that can be worn as eye wear. You can, essentially, “Google” things right from your glasses. It has an Android operating system, speakers to listen to voice commands, GPS, a camera with video and flash and more.

Revolv is the technology that enables you to activate all of the wireless devices in your home with your smart phone, based off of triggers such as GPS proximity, time of day, or sensors. Revolv ‘GeoSense’ automatically adjusts your devices on your way home based on your GPS location, like your garage door, thermostat, and even your front door.

Although there are currently only 2000 pairs of  Google Glasses in the world, Revolv managed to get their hands on two and it wasn’t long before one of their engineers found a way to combine the two technologies. This video shows you what connecting your home to your Google Glass could look like in the future.






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