The paper bag has been re-purposed before. It has been used from everything like lining cabinets to covering text books. And that is because on it’s own, the paper bag does not have that much of a shelf life, so it needs to be reused and refurbished into something else.

That is, until now.

German company Raumgestalt has taken the paper bag to the next level with their newly designed tear-resistant, water-resistant and practically indestructible white paper bag. We are calling it the paper bag 2.0’d to the max. Made from Tyvek, a material that’s known for it’s durability, these paper bags are as light as paper and as heavy duty as all get out. And considering that they are made to be reused over and over, the price tag of six for about $20 is not too shabby. And since they come in white, you can feel free to decorate them to your liking. And hey, think of all the trees you’re saving!

Finally, a paper good that is not paper, but still good.

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