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1. Social Media Sizing Sheet by Luna Metrics

Creating the perfect graphic to represent your company means nothing if you can’t showcase it correctly across various social networks. Luna metrics has created an excellent cheat sheet for designers and perfectionists which takes the work out of calculating image sizes on profile pages of the most popular social sites. Using the information provided, designers can create header images and user pics that become an extension of their overall design.

2. Index Dot CSS – Advanced CSS reference Sheet

Working in CSS is like writing in another language and sometimes, it is useful to have a handy source for variables and titles that you forget no matter how many times you’ve used them. Blooberry’s Advanced CSS reference Sheet helps to take the guesswork out of styling your webpages with handy references for selectors and syntax that may escape the memory banks from time to time.

3. Media Militia Freebies

Every desginer needs a bank of images that they can pull from to round out their designs because sometimes, a client will ask for skulls and lens flares despite your best suggestions otherwise. Media Militia’s freebies center offers a selection of commonly used elements that are free to download and use. Some of the freebies only provide limited options without payment, but most offer plenty of choices for designers looking to add subtle touches for their designs, without spending the hours it would take to create the stock images and vectors.

4. Social Logos Font

Never screen capture another logo again with this font comprised of social media logos. easy to use and versatile logos offer a work-around to designers looking to unify logo links throughout their pages.

5. Typeplate

If you are looking for a typographic kit that defines proper markup with styling for typical typographic patterns, Typeplate is where you end your search. Without restricting your aesthetic choices, Typeplate provides a framework designed to allows designers to make the decisions on how to organize, structure and design a site providing a modular solution to website styling and markup.

6. JQuery Nested

Pretty simply, Nested provides designers with a responsive way to build gapless grids of content for the layout of a page. Per their webpage, the difference between other grid building scripts and Nested, is “an option to resize any element at the bottom of the grid that is bigger (or smaller if you prefer) than the gap to make the grid completely gap-free.”

7. WP Remote

For designers that manage multiple client and personal sites, making changes to your entire repertoire can become a bulky chose. WP Remote aims to resolve the time it takes to make core changes, plugin updates and theme updates with a single sweet. Without having to log in and logout ad infinitum.

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