Reach out to your Community with the Door Hanger/Business Card Combo

Door hangers are an incredibly effective marketing tool for reaching out to the community that you serve. When designed well, these easily distributed pieces of collateral ensure that your prospective customers bring your brand directly into their homes and increase your brand awareness in the local area. Door hangers expose your services to a local, readily available client base that may otherwise not have known you were available.

For an even more effective punch, culling the various uses of a door hanger/business card combo results in a range of new advertising and marketing possibilities. The business card easily detaches, leaving your potential future client with a handy contact reference for you. The detachable business card portion of these door hangers can also be used as a coupon to bring in more business, or even as loyalty cards to bring back repeat customers. Plus, the fact that they reduce clutter make them more likely to be kept by their recipient.

Below are some design ideas for door hangers with tear off business cards that use you can use to springboard ideas for your own design.








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