Ray Villafane is a New York sculptor that has made a career out of transforming our favorite autumn vegetable; the pumpkin. But he doesn’t just carve them. Oh, no. What Villafane does is so much more than that. He laughs in the face of juvenile jack-o-lanterns as he takes his medium and turns it into life-like creatures that could spook the pulp out of anyone. His style is characterized by peeling back the rind and working with the pumpkin flesh to shape vivid faces with animated expressions, all without breaking through the center.

Check out this video of VillafaneĀ attemptingĀ to teach Martha Stewart his creative process.

So if these spirited characters inspire you to take a crack at making your own this Halloween, send us a photo of what you create. Below you’ll find some of our favorite of Villafane’s creatures.

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